BIS BISS Am.Ch. Kaila's The Devil's Paw, ROM

Kaila's Health:
CHD Cert: AMCA 9683
OFA AM9577G50M-T

CERF AM 1317/98-52

Ch.Sabaka's Show No Mercy

Ch.Sabaka's Little Hercules Ch.Kaila's Son of a Witch
Sendaishi's CJ
Ch.Windrift's Cajun Queen of Sabaka Ch.Sendaishi's Kandu Cando, Rom
Ch.Windrift's Minx of Tikiluk
Kaila's Witch Hunt Ch.Kaila's Paw Print Ch.Kaila's Spellbinder of Kioona
Ch.Kaila's Bewitched of Snohurst
Kanga's Miss Juneau Ch.Brave Brody of Cordova
Cordova's Miss Pepper


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