FIN Ch. Snowstorm's Stone Fox

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Keikewabic's Arctic Grizzly

BIS AM/CAN Ch. Keikewabic's Wilburforce AM/CAN Ch. Keikewabic's P'Tis N'Ours
Keikewabic's Stopover
Ch. Sledgerunner Keikewabic Miki Ch. Barrenfield's Amarok
Barrenfield's Mandy-Sue
Keikewabic's Chinook Princess AM/CAN Ch. Sno-Storm Kloud Keikewabic's EJ Ch. Storm Kloud's Emceee of Awaunua
Sno-Kloud's Captured Angel
Ch. Malibel's Keikewabic Tuk Chabek BIS, BISS AM/CAN Ch. Farouk de Chabek
Ch. Keikewabic's Lady Tara

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