Keikewabic's Last Rainsong

Chicklet's Health:
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CERF June 2005

BISS AM. Ch. Kaila's The Devil's Paw

Ch.Sabaka's Show No Mercy Ch.Sabaka's Little Hercules
Ch.Windrift's Cajun Queen of Sabaka
Kaila's Witch Hunt Ch.Kaila's Paw Print
Kanga's Miss Juneau
Isr/Can Ch. Keikewabic's Tundra Rainsong Ch. Keikewabic's Inook Ch. Keikewabic's Sh-Boom
Ch. Keikewabic's Scarlett O'Hara
Ch. Keikewabic Sledgerunner Tundra Ch. Keikewabic's Willburforce
Ch. Sledgerunner's Keikewabic Miki

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