Keikewabic's Shelaskan Red Head

Lucy is a littermate to Keikewabic Tundra Bewitched - "Brooke"
Lucy's Health:
CHD Cert:



Ch. Keikewabic'
s I Wannabee Crazy Too

BIS INT/ISR/CAN Ch. Ruta Norte Crazy Horse

Storm Kloud'
s Ben Son of a Dream

Can / Isr Ch. Keikewabic'
s Tundra Rainsong

Ch. Keikewabic'
s Inook, TT

Ch. Keikewabic'
s Sledgerunner Tundra

Ch. Outrigger'
s Chinook Gwenaver

Ch. Outrigger'
s Summit

Ch. Outrigger'
s Red Wolf, TT
Ch. Keikewabic's Outrigger Honey
Outrigger's Fresh Air Experience
Ch. Keikewabic'
s P'Tis Guy
Keikewabic's Chitina

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