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Founded in 1966 by Douglas R. Andersen and restructured in 1979 to become (1979) Ltd. We were the first, and largest independent logging contractor for Boise Cascade (Can Ltd.) having cut and delivered in our first year, over 250,000 cubic meters of wood to Boise Mills in Fort Frances, Kenora and Keewatin.

Family owned and operated with a head office situated in Dryden, Ontario - our employees are chosen for their expertise in all aspects of harvesting and reforestation. Safety and high productivity are essential. Consideration for Wildlife, the environment and all stakeholders is a way of life at Regional Logging. 

Regional Logging has branched out into the Nursery business. Along with 3 partners, we operate the Dryden Tree Nursery and the Ear Falls branch through a company called Northwest Agro Forestry Services. Seed extraction and the storage of seed is part of the Dryden Operation. In addition, Northwest Agro Forestry Services is also experimenting with the reproduction of fast growing Hybrid poplar. 

Regional has also introduced lodge pole pines to the Dryden area, imported from Hinton, Alberta. In 1999 Regional planted 120,000 lodge pole pine seedlings and 10,000 red and white pine on our private land. In 2000, we will plant 50,000 black spruce seedlings. In 2001, 65,000 lodge pole pines, 35,000 red pine, and 20,000 ponderosa pine on a special site in Hartman township. Regional was also the first Company to identify a species in Hartman township common to Southern and Eastern Ontario known as yellow birch.

For 50 years Regional Logging has looked to the future. Always aware of the eco system, the importance of regeneration and the need to GO GREEN. We are proud to introduce our 4th Generation, "Jacob Andersen" who shows a keen interest in GREEN.  This August, 2010 Jacob and grandpa planted 10,000 Alberta Lodgepole Pine Trees.
Regional has planted Lodgepole Pines in this area dating back to 1993 when they planted the first 5,000 which they brought back from a trip to BC. In 1999 Regional Logging planted the following:
130,000 Alberta Lodge Pole Pine
22,000 Red Pine
30,000 Black Spruce
3,000 White Pine

All treeplanting expenses have been borne by Regional Logging, as it is our firm belief that growing trees produce oxygen, and we will all share in the benefits to the environment. Jacob is pictured standing with Lodge Poles that were planted in 1999.

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