* Our Mission Is to Create an Economically Effective working relationship between Government, Industry and Labor while working in harmony with Nature, the Environment and all stakeholders.
* To assist Canada's #1 Industry to evolve and sustain itself for future Generations of Forestry Workers and Utilizers.
* To make the public aware of the importance of intensive Forest Management of our Parks, Forests, Fish and Wildlife. The necessity of self compliance.
* To improve the productivity of all crown and private lands through introduction of faster growing trees and enhanced reforestation.
* To Evaluate each area to be harvested and use the most Economically, Environmentally sound methods available for that particular area.
* Our vision is to continue to be world leaders in Forest Products and Exports. To compete with South East Asia and Scandinavia going to the Twenty-First Century and beyond.


* The Trumpeter Swan Society
* The Northwest Forest Network
* The Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Dryden District Chamber of Commerce
* Northern Buffalo Ranch, Ltd.
* Keikewabic (Perm.) Reg. Alaskan Malamutes


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